Difference between Organic and Paid Search

When you search for something on the Internet, two types of results pop-out. One is Organic Search Result and the other is Paid Search Result.

Organic Search is based on the unpaid search results ranking, which uses search algorithms and some best SEO practices. The organic search results are purely based on the Quality content, usage of keywords at the right place and placing some internal links to boost up the search ranking & making use of the other best SEO practices.

In contrast, Paid Search also encompass these SEO Practices but they bid money for the search rankings and the keywords. The best bid gets the top position and for every click the amount will be deducted. In addition, the biding amount may vary depending upon the keywords and the time period. If the keywords are more popular the biding amount may be high and vice versa.

Let’s dig deep into the Organic search and Paid Search.

Organic Search

As we mentioned earlier, organic search results are natural results and are ranked based on the Keywords, internal links and quality content. But it is not always limited to it. The Search Engine scans for lot of things such as Keywords, meta title, meta description, URL, Quality and relevant content, optimized images, alt-tags, internal links, backlinks and many more.

It is not that complex as it seems to be. But it surely is time consuming to get ranked on the top search. Organic search delivers best ROI, because you don’t have to invest to be indexed on the top search result. Well, if you hire an SEO agency you have to pay them but other than that you don’t have to pay for any kind of biding and as such.

Benefits of Organic Search

  • Zero Cost
  • Impressive ROI
  • More Leads, Engagement, Traffic, Ranking & Revenue
  • Boosts Credibility
  • Attracts Relevant Users

Paid Search

Paid Search results stands above all the organic results. For this reason, Paid Search has become more popular. It is easier, it is less time consuming and you are on the top in no time. Rather than waiting patiently to build SEO, many companies nowadays jump directly into the Paid search at the very beginning itself.

With the advancement in the world of Internet, it is so simple to run an ad even for the beginners. Over the years, Google has become the best and popular search engine. And Google, becoming the substitute term for Internet, it is taking lot of measures to market businesses online. One of such is Google Ad words. It uses the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising methods, where marketers bid to get indexed on the top search result. Google Ad words are effective and makes wonders for your business. With a tactful marketing plan and strategy, one can get abundant leads on the first go itself. Much faster than the Organic search results.

Benefits of Paid Search Results

  • Generates Impressive results
  • Much Faster and less-time consuming
  • Offers engaging keywords
  • Actionable results


The days of writing few articles for a website are long gone. You have to write blogs and articles frequently to keep your users/visitors up to date. Even if you opt for either of the searches you may have to consider doing this to build your backlinks and stay always on the top of the search list. Both Organic and Paid Search has their own merits and demerits, at the end, it depends on the user and what the user really needs!

Realistically speaking, if you want quick results and ready to lash out few bucks, go for the Paid one. If you are ok with the organic results which is time consuming and takes months to be indexed in the first page, go for the organic results.

At the same time, if you want your website optimized and indexed in the top, through any of the search results, your trigger is right here. Get in touch with us!

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