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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is becoming one of the most interesting things in this digital world. Although, it often falls into the misconception of VR, which is another virtual world, AR tends to maintain a friendly and cost-effective rapport.

Since, it does not need any special gadgets unlike Virtual Reality needs a VR box/ Hololens to experience the virtual world. With Augmented Reality apps, anyone with a compatible smartphone can see & experience things which are invisible to the naked eye.

Industries march towards AR Apps

From recent past, almost all industries march towards AR apps. From Automobile to Tech to Construction to Real-estate industries, AR Apps can easily promote products. It cuts out the imagination and brings in the virtual experience.

AR started to fall on the radar of many companies. Certainly, in real-estate sector, companies are now building AR apps to give customers a virtual tour of their dream home. As customer can see their Future home from anywhere, not so time consuming and reduces the commute. From selecting paints to furnishing and placing the right products at the right place, your customers can pick whatever they need as per their preference and experience it before they actually do & move-in.

In addition, Augmented Reality is booming in Gaming and Entertainment industry. With the help of tracking methodologies Snapchat and other similar applications use AR which brings more interactivity among users. Switching Faces, switching voices and incorporating funny characters are few features that can be brought out of AR. It is also more than that.

In the gaming industry, you may be exposed to Augmented Reality through a popular gaming application which took over the internet for a quarter, Pokemon Go. Yes, it also uses AR tracking methodology. Once, you point your smartphone camera at the right tracking point you may see the Pokemon characters through this application which is not visible in the naked eye. Thus, we say, see the invisible through AR.

A show-stopper and a head turner

With the evolution of technologies and internet, Augmented Reality can be a big show-stopper for your company. While some companies are still trying to adapt the past technologies, it is your turn to move a step ahead and build a throne for you in the industry.

Level up your customer satisfaction through Augmented Reality. Enter into the World of Virtual Experiences, Build an AR App.

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