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A Pathway to Learn & Develop your Skill – Workshops and Seminars in Coimbatore

Everyone in this world has an interest towards learning something new, something innovative, something creative and enhance their skill in their desired field of Interest. Learning got no boundaries, with everyday advancement in this digital era you must constantly update yourself and keep-up with the current trend. To-do-so, you must learn more than what is given in your textbooks.

As Internet is widely and largely accessible in most part of the world, it has become easier for People to update themselves with the current trend. Yet, there are People who watchout for Workshops, Internship Training, Seminars and In-Plant trainings where they could learn and adapt new technologies, and work on the real-world environment.

Here is where PROTO comes handy. We at PROTO offer Internship Training, Workshops, Seminars and In-Plant Training at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu to Fresh Graduates and Students who pursue post 1st Year of their Engineering/Art and Science degree.

Benefits of Learning Through PROTO than Online courses

As we mentioned earlier, Internet has taken a boom in every industry. It is convenient, sophisticated, reduces manual efforts and eases every process. It has taken a rise over the course of time. Even though, there are many online courses where you can learn new technologies from hosts & industry experts all over the world, it lacks one peculiar and crucial thing – Practice.

You cannot Practice/Implement once you learn something you desire unless you work with a Firm/do a project of your own. When it comes to students, they cannot work with a Firm without a Degree and not every student can do a project of their own. They might require an industry expert to take the project further.

For such conditions, we come to the rescue. With well-experienced industry experts and well-structures course content, we train students and Fresh Graduates to upscale their skills in their desired field of interest, irrespective of the major/degree they are pursuing/ pursued.

We train students through Workshops, Seminars, In-Plant Training, Internship Training and Value-added courses. In addition, we give students an opportunity to Work on live projects to have an overall understanding of how industry work.

Learn from the Scratch! Students who take part in the training process will be trained from the fundamentals. Every students are guided and mentored by well-experienced industry experts. Students will be trained majorly on practical aspects, where they could learn while having a hands-on experience. Long form texts and big books are very rare here!

What we offer?

We offer Workshops, Internship, In-Plant Training, Value-added courses and Seminars in

  • Creative Designing
  • Website & Mobile App Development
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Robotics
  • Drone Designing
  • Python

We offer training in the above-mentioned areas. If any areas interest you, feel free to ping us. We would really appreciate & love to enhance your skill, and grow with us.

When & Where?

Students and Fresh Graduates who are interested to enhance their skill can join our team and learn from us whilst working with us. Have a look at our event calendar to know more about the events happening on each week. Book your slots now for the upcoming Internship in Coimbatore.

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